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Hi,  I am Umair and I have been helping small business owners with their websites for over a decade.

You must be wondering why another web hosting website?

Here is why:

I see that most of my clients go for main stream shared web hosting companies.  The Go daddys and the likes of them.

I have not enjoyed working with these companies due to many reasons that I will cover later in some articles.

Instead I found smaller hosting companies  better in most areas than these main stream web hosting companies.

Usually these smaller hosts:

  • Reply to support tickets a lot faster. I am talking about under 15 minutes (usually 🙂 ).
  • Usually people who reply know the solution often.
  • Have better features and specs.
  • Cost a lot less than main stream host. So, they are much better value.
  • In most cases are faster than similar offerings from main stream hosts.
  • For some reason have less disasters and if they do have a disaster their disaster management is better.

They are small so they don’t have the marketing budget to get in front of you more often as main stream hosts do.

I want to let people know that there are better web hosts than these mainstream web hosts that can work better for you and cost a lot less.

These smaller web hosts make work easier for people like me and they also serve the client better.

So, I, with the help of friends like you, will publish guides that help people get the most out of their web hosts in terms of value and make informed decisions about web hosting.

Many thanks for reading till the end.

Have a great day.